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Must Have Apps When Living in Denmark

Updated: Jan 22


Have you just moved to Denmark and are you looking for ways to make your daily life easier?

Then make sure to continue reading, because we are going to show you the basic apps that will make your life in Denmark much easier so that you can focus on more important matters like studying! We cover apps from various categories, including transportation, finance, food and shopping.



Image result for rejseplanen icon png

Do you need to travel somewhere in Denmark, but have absolutely no idea how to reach your destination? Danish public transportation can be tricky but Rejseplanen will help you with this!

All you need to do is to type in your current location and your destination. Rejseplanen will offer you all the information you need, and suggest what train and bus routes to take, so you can travel with the highest level of comfort and efficiency. You can even filter what modes of transportation you want to use and how far you are prepared to walk to make it.

For certain routes, the ticket can also be purchased in-app.


DSB app icon

DSB or Dansk Statsbaner is the national railway company. Their official app allows you to buy tickets for trains, as well as the orange tickets, which are the cheaper version of regular tickets.


Flixbus app icon

Having a Danish visa gives you a chance to go around Schengen countries with the same visa. You can travel around Europe very cheaply with Flixbus, including other cities in Denmark (and not just Copenhagen). Their buses have comfortable seats, wifi, power sockets and snacks on board.


Kombardo icon

With the app you can easily and quickly book a ticket for all Kombardo Express' routes from Copenhagen to Aarhus, Aalborg, Randers and Rønne.

Check Udvej

Check Udvej icon

Forgot to check out your Rejsekort on your way out from a bus or train? Don't worry, with this app, you can do it even after you leave the station!

DOT Tickets (CPH Area only)

Dot Tick

The DOT Tickets is another travel app that allows you to buy a commuter card, individual zone tickets and travel tickets. These are available only in the Zealand region. It is very easy to use and all you need is your bank account details along with your phone number, to activate your card.

You can choose if you wish to include the metro in your tickets or not. It is one of the crucial apps to have when you are travelling frequently, and it is very likely that you would!

Donkey Republic

Donkey republic icon in appstore

Donkey republic is a bike rental app with rental locations in 13 Danish cities. You can rent their bikes for shorter or longer rides, regardless if you want to make stops or not. When you finish your ride, the bike must be parked in one of their drop off locations.


Voi icon

If you want to explore Denmark's largest cities in a more environmentally friendly manner, then you can consider renting Voi e-scooters. They have pick-up locations in all major Danish cities: Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. Definitely a fun way to ride around the city on a sunny day.


Easy park icon

If you are a car owner in Denmark or happen to rent a car, then here is an app that can save you the trouble of finding parking meters. With EasyPark, you can quickly and easily record and pay for your parking directly on your phone. Parking places that support parking with this app are usually indicated.

For more transportation apps, also read our blog Apps to install for easy public transportation in Denmark.

Finance and citizens' services


Eboks app icon

e-Boks is a digital mail platform in Denmark. From your salary slip, bank documents to tuition fees, everything comes on your e-Boks. It is a must have app on your phone while you are in Denmark, so that you do not miss any important information sent to you by the official authorities. You will need a MitID to sign it to the account.



Everyone with a CPR number and a bank account in Denmark is able to set up their MitID, which works as a digital signature that you use to log into various governmental online services or to approve online payments.

Thanks to this, you can reach any government related webpage from anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet.

The idea behind MitID is to increase security through this two-factor authentication system, and is therefore a necessity for every resident in Denmark.


MobilePay app icon

If you just moved to Denmark, one of the first things you need to do is set up a Danish bank account.Once you have done that, you are able to connect your account to an app called MobilePay.

With this app, you are able to send or request money from anybody who has this app, and all you need to know is their phone number.

This app is especially handy if you are buying things from second hand shops or markets, but it is also widely used in supermarkets, bars, and restaurants.

Did you know that Denmark is at the forefront of the cashless wave?

The whole process of sending money using MobilePay is super comfortable and there are no transactional fees.

If you want to transfer some money to your friend in Denmark who has a bank account in a different bank than yours, you can transfer it easily, and it does not take a few business days to transfer. The transfer is done instantly.


WeShare icon

WeShare is an app developed by MobilePay and it allows you to “split the bill” and keep track of costs, whenever you share expenses with your friends. You can log in either with your MobilePay or your Danish phone number.


Betalingsservice icon

This Danish app makes it easier to pay and keep track of your bills. You can register new payment agreements as easy as scanning a QR code and you can also set up automatic payments.

In order to use it, you need to have a CPR number, a Danish bank account and NemID.


Icon for MinSundhed app

With the MinSundhed app, you have easy access to your health information, among which hospital records, test results etc. It’s particularly useful in the COVID-19 times, as your corona test results or vaccination records will be stored here. This is the app you use as a “corona passport” when it is required of you to prove that you have been infected in the past 6 months, that you have a negative test result or that you have been vaccinated against corona.

Banking apps

It is useful to have banking apps on your phone once you get a bank account in Denmark. Downloading the banking apps allows you to track transactions and make transfers directly on your phone. Depending in which bank you have an account, you can download the respective bank application.


Lunar offers a free bank account for students and it's the one we recommend to everyone. Unlike traditional banks, with Lunar you get a great control over your finances. What is even better, you do not have to go anywhere in order to open the account. You simply download the app (or sign up online) and you fill in your details.


XE Currency (or any other currency convertor)

App icon of XE currency convertor

As you may know, even though Denmark is a member of the EU from 1973, they are still using their own currency called Krone (DKK).

Because of that, you might need a currency converter to understand the value of the currency and how much you are actually paying for that beer.

XE Currency offers you updated information on all the currencies you can think of, so you can also use it outside of Denmark.

Food and drinks

Too Good To Go

Too good to go app icon

Those who have watched our video about grocery shopping in Denmark are already familiar with this app.

The vision behind TooGoodToGo is to reduce food waste and they do it by making it possible for restaurants and grocery stores to sell their food very cheaply, especially at the end of the day, when they might have a surplus of food left which they wouldn’t sell otherwise.

You can get your hands on many fruits, veggies or pastries from local shops, but also whole meals and fast food.

Just Eat

Just Eat app icon

Do you not feel like cooking today? Through Just Eat you can find restaurants in your area that deliver food straight to your door or from which you can pick up takeaway. With over 2000 partner restaurants, chances are you will find one close to where you live. The app is easy to use and allows you to quickly order and pay for your meal from the comfort of your own sofa. app icon works very much like Just Eat, a major difference being that they have less restaurants to choose from. Payment for your order can be made in cash, debit or through PayPal.


Wolt app icon

Wolt is another way through which you can have your favourite food delivered. What sets them apart from the previous apps is that delivery is made by bike couriers. Now you have the chance to be environmentally conscious even when you order takeaway! On the Wolt app you can see where your food is, in real time.

Generally, with Wolt, the price of delivery might be a tad higher than if you use one of the previous apps and they only make deliveries in very specific areas, mostly in more population- and restaurant -dense areas, such as the city center. So if you happen to live farther away from the city, you might not have access to delivery through Wolt. Make sure you check the options in your area.


NightPay app icon

Are you a party person looking to chill in bold places and would like to do that at relatively lower prices? The answer is the NightPay app. The app works through Bluetooth and operates in the venues that have installed their payment method.

The app allows you to triple the amount that you put in the app; it is called the Triple Up feature of the app. If you put 100 DKK, then your app balance becomes 300DKK. You can enjoy drinks worth 300 DKK by spending 100 DKK!

Keep in mind that the Triple Up account works only until midnight, after that you spend the regular balance.