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Top 5: Best electricity providers in Denmark

Updated: Mar 20

Wind mills on a field a foggy morning with sun in Denmark

Have you ever received your electricity bill, and wondered how it is that you have to use half of your income on electricity?

Fear not - you are not alone!

A little bit about electricity providers

Electricity is a necessity in our modern world, and we are all greatly dependent on this. There are over 40 providers on the market across Denmark, it can be hard to figure out which is the best option for you. Many times when you get a rental there is one provider automatically assigned to you. The supplier of the power that comes from the source to your pluck-in is fixed, but did you know that when it comes to the electricity provider, you can pick and choose as you wish?

We have therefore made this overview of the best options in Denmark nationally - so you can choose the right one for you.

Who to choose?


Norlys is the biggest provider in Denmark. They provide electricity throughout the country, no matter if you live in a city or in the countryside. Besides providing electricity they also provide internet solutions and you can get combo packages if you subscribe. They care about green energy as well.

At Norlys, they offer both monthly and aconto installment, so you can choose what fits you and your financial situation the best.

They are very informative about their product and electricity in general. On their website you’ll find the most often asked questions and they have a section with information and inspiration as well.


Modstrøm is a good choice if you also care a lot about climate and green energy. They market themselves as the green choice, and they want to help you one step closer to a green day-to-day.

They guarantee that you as a consumer save money on your electricity, and they even have their own calculation machine to show how much you will save on energy/electricity. This calculation is a great tool if you want to change providers because it will show you how much you would save in DKK, in kWh and in CO2.

When signing up as a new customer at Modstrøm, you bind yourself for 6 months, but they will give you a gift voucher that you can use on selected services. Furthermore they offer you a wide range of services within their company.


Nettopower is a newer provider on the Danish market. They try to deliver as good and cheap electricity to you as a customer as possible, and through transparent communication. They have their own equipment when it comes to buying/selling electricity which makes it possible to give you a more accurate price on your product.

They want to focus on an affordable product for you, and at the same time they are trying to also think sustainably moving forward.

Nordisk Energy

Nordisk Energy is the newest provider on the market, dating only back to last year - 2022. Their goal is to provide you with good electricity at a good price. They do this through their very simple setup. They don’t have a ton of information on their website - like many of the other companies - they provide you with the information that is relevant and boiled down to few words.

Nordisk Energy has got a very good reputation from its customers who give them good scores on Trustpilot. They are not as green as many of the other companies on the market, even though they still get their energy from nordic sources. Be aware though that there are mentionings about a deposit when signing up with Nordisk Energy, and not everyone thinks it's as clear as it maybe should be.


EWII is yet another of the bigger providers on the market, and one who focuses on green energy. EWII has a bigger selection of deals or packages, depending on your need. They market themselves as a company with a good and fair price on the electricity, they offer a personal and professional service and they only deal in green energy.

What to be aware of?

When you choose an electricity provider, there are a number of factors that are worth considering. You might want to look into:

Which energy source are the providers using

Is it green or black energy?

Do they have fixed or variable pricing?

In times like this, it’s worth figuring out if a fixed price on the electricity can give you peace at mind. Or if you have the time and energy to keep an eye out for the prices, the variable pricing option might be the best for you - here you can read about an app that shows you the prices on electricity in real time.

(Personally I like the fixed pricing. Then I know I get the best average price, and I don’t have to think too much).

Binding period

Be very aware of everything written in small! Many of these companies have long binding periods.

Monthly subscription or aconto payments?

Consider how you want to pay as well. With monthly instalments you will pay arrears on your electricity bill. This means that you will only pay for the actual amount of electricity that you’ve used the previous month.

With aconto payments you will pay per quarter - meaning 4 times a year. With this the electricity provider tries to ‘predict’ the amount of electricity you’ll use and base the quarterly instalments on this. With this solution you might get money back from your provider at the end of the billing year, if you haven’t used the amount of electricity that was estimated for. BUT you can also end up in a situation where you’ll have to pay extra, if you use more and the estimated amount of electricity.

This concludes our overview of some of the national providers. Remember to also check the smaller local providers depending on your living area.

NB: some information might be outdated. We do our best to keep everything up to date!

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