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Free time activities in Aarhus you should join

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Free time activities

Here are some ideas of leisure time activities in English that you can try out.

Sports and workout

Gyms are not the only way to get a good workout anymore. If you want to spice up or diversify your training, consider these activities.

This is a community having various training activities every Sunday, in and around Aarhus. It’s for all who want to stay in shape and/or need some motivation and inspiration to work out. Participation is free and both Danes and internationals are welcome. One can join regardless of their age or fitness level.

Nevertheless, be ready for a “SICK” workout!

If you are a football enthusiast or simply enjoy watching games and cheering, then this community is for you. Through their friendly or competitive matches they are reviving the local street football community. They have events pretty often, so make sure you check them out.

Football players on podium winning the siamo street cup

Winning the Siamo Street Cup, yaaay!

This is a running club that both beginner and advanced runners can join for free. As there are international students in their team, all training is in English. They meet up every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17 o’clock. The meeting place is Studenterhus Aarhus.

Despite its name, Aarhus Student Rowing club welcomes all kinds of members, not just students. If you are a beginner in the arts of rowing, don’t worry, as they have instructors who will teach you everything you need to know in order to be safe. If interested, join one of their non-binding information meetings. The membership fee for students is around 1350 DKK per season.

This is a club offering surf and stand-up-paddle experiences. They are located in the Aarhus harbor area. For more info about their courses and prices, take a look on their website.

Aarhus has numerous other sports clubs, such as badminton, martial arts, dancing, golf etc. Therefore, if you have any special interest give it a search on Google or Facebook. You can also check out Aarhus municipality’s clubs and associations’ portal (in Danish).

Culture and sustainability

Domen (The Dome)

The dome is a place where city life is unified in a community that inspires sustainable urban development and co-creation. You can either visit the dome and hygge yourself with some coffee in the lovely space, or take part in one of the many paid or free events that take place here, some of which are also in English. As for what types of events you can expect here, the topics are really various: music, arts, politics, spirituality and mindfulness, sustainability, film etc. To see some examples of past events or to get an overview of upcoming ones, stay tuned to their Facebook page.

Dome-shaped building

Domen-a place inspiring sustainability and community

With Culture Buddies you have the opportunity to explore the city and meet new people at the same time. They pair you with some random people and provide you with free entrance tickets to some of Aarhus’ cultural landmarks. To help you integrate better in the city they can even pair you up with Danish locals. This is perfect for new international students!

The building of Aros art museum in Aarhus

The Aros art museum is one of Aarhus' greatest landmarks

This is a non-profit café dedicated to sustainability and diversity. The young volunteers who run it organize lots of events in English, on different themes, from inequality to climate change and politics. They even have live concerts and pub quiz nights and organize dinners, talks, demonstrations, film screenings, stand-ups and so on. There is something for everyone!


There are so many events and activities happening in Aarhus every year, some of which are recurring events (e.g. post a letter, photo walks, walk and talk gatherings etc.). As we cannot list all these great activities in one blog post, we highly suggest you keep yourself updated by browsing through Facebook’s events section. Make sure you choose Aarhus as a location. You can also join the Facebook group Events in Aarhus.

In addition, there are many festivals happening during the year. This is definitely something Aarhus doesn’t lack! To see a list of festivals and events for the year 2021-2022, take a look on Visit Aarhus’ page.

If you know of any events, activities, festivals that are worth mentioning, share them in the comments below. 🤩

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