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This is "julehygge" - Christmas playlist and DIY decorations

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Christmas playlist and DIY decorations

Welcome to the 2nd edition of our advent series that will hopefully inspire you as an international to celebrate Christmas in Denmark, and understand the weird danish Christmas traditions and speciality that you will encounter during Christmas time.



Michael and Tan are listening to the lovely Christmas tunes and you should too!

Laaast Christmas.... You heard right, it is time to listen to Christmas music... in Danish style! Astrid Damgaard has been so kind to make this beautiful Christmas to you guys that you absolute need to listen to during December in Denmark. The playlist includes all the classic Christmas songs in both danish and english, so click down below and push put it on repeat.

Christmas Playlist

Student Survival Christmas Playlist!

2. Christmas Decoration and the mystery of elfs

Christmas Decoration and the mystery of elfs

Tan tries his best on DIY Christmas stars and hearts (didn't went too well)

In Denmark people usually make their own Christmas ornaments, some of the most popular decorations to make are 'julestjerner' and 'julehjerter', which translates to Christmas stars and hearts. These are hung on the Christmas tree, windows, front doors and essentially anywhere in the apartment. We bought some DIY Christmas decorations from Rema1000 for only 10 kr., however Tan had a hard time finishing the decorations... but you can do it!

Christmas tree

The elfs are coming!

In danish culture the elfs or 'nisser' are central during Christmas time. According to a legend they originally lived on farms and were either helpful or mischievous depending on how they were treated by the farmers. To treat your elf right would involve leaving out a bowl of rice porridge in the attic where they live, so remember to treat YOUR elf good!

The rice porridge is also a danish stable dish which can be eaten with cinnamon sugar and a piece of butter in the center. Danes also enjoy making Christmas decorations made by clay with spruce branches and other additions such as berries, dried fruit or mushrooms. This is place around a the calendar candle that we mentioned in our 1st Christmas blog linked below if you haven't read it yet.

3. Saint Lucia - time to celebrate

She is a saint of the christian faiths condemned because she was a devout christian during roman times. In Denmark some schools, churches and homes for the elderly celebrate the 13th of december by walking in a saint Lucia parade. In this, people are dressed in white, holding lit candles, while singing. This symbolises the way christianity supposedly lights the darkness in the world. Today, few Danes are invested in the story and rituals of saint Lucia, and it has lately been hold in another format with Canoes and Kayaks down the canals in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Down below, we have listed two major Santa Lucia events hosted in both CPH and Aarhus the 13th december 2019.

This will provide you with the most essential into "julehygge". To learn more about Danes and their wierd traditions during Christmas, check out our Christmas blog for next sunday, where we go through "julefrokost" and other fun activities during a traditional Danish Christmas

See you!

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