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Best and Cheapest SIM Cards in Denmark

Updated: Apr 29

Best and Cheapest SIM Cards in Denmark

Lucky are the ones whose roaming actually works when landing on Danish soil! But with or without roaming, you are going to live in this country for quite a while now, so the decision to exchange your SIM card is inevitable.

Fear not, in this blog we will go through some of the best deals on buying a new SIM card in Denmark. Overall, you have two choices to make. Either going with pre-paid or going for a subscription. Subscription gives you many advantages, such as cheaper internet, free music streaming subscription etc. There are some good deals out there.


Below you will find a quick overview of the mentioned providers. We hope this can help you contain all the information.

Further down in the blog you'll see the options for pre-paid sim cards in Denmark.


Data & Call-time







lebara logo

100 hours & 100 GB/month

99 DKK/month


4.7 stars based on +4.600 reviews

Telenor & Telia

No offers - just fixed low prices

CBB mobil logo

Free call-time & 60 GB/month

119 DKK/month


4.6 stars based on +49.400 reviews

Telenor & Telia

Big discount on all subscriptions for 2 months.

alka logo

Free call-time & 30 GB/month

79 DKK/month


4.6 stars based on +1.800 reviews

Telenor & Telia

No offers at the moment, but run campaigns often

callme logo

Free call-time & 20 GB/month

99 DKK/month

Yes - only for phone

4.3 stars based on +24.800 reviews

Telenor & Telia

Half price on selected subscriptions until 1/7-24. Includes free access to Podimo Podcast all 2024

dukatale logo

Free call-time & 100GB DK/20GB EU pr. month

119 DKK/month


4.8 stars based on +2.300 reviews

Telenor & Telia

Special offer on 100GB/20GB - 50 DKK/month until 30/9-2024 (order before 7/5 - new customers)

lyca mobile logo

Free call-time & 100 GB/month

99 DKK/month


3.3 stars based on +1.200 reviews

Telenor & Telia

Offer on this subscription for 3 months - 69 DKK/month

Oister logo

Free call-time & 50 GB/month

99 DKK/month

Yes - only for phone

4.0 stars based on +23.700 reviews

3 network

Speciel offers on most subscriptions

Guy sitting in couch, talking on phone looking confused

Pre-paid SIM card

Pre-paid SIM cards are still an option in Denmark. These are good and usually very cheap, due to the fact that you only pay for what you use.

Some providers in Denmark have a monthly fee to have this kind of service. But we have outlined the best options below in the nice box.

lebara logo

oister logo

lycamobile logo

Call-time 0,48 DKK/minut

Call-time 0,20 DKK/minut

Call-time 5 hours call-time Unlimited calls Lyca to Lyca

Data 40 DKK/GB

Data 0,014 DKK/MB

Data 12GB/month 3.5 GB EU Roaming Data

SMS/MMS 0,49 DKK pr. piece

SMS/MMS 0,036 DKK pr. piece

SMS/MMS 300 SMS in DK Unlimited Texts Lyca to Lyca

Sign up fee 0 DKK

Sign up fee 0 DKK

Sign up fee 0 DKK

Monthly subscription 0 DKK

Monthly subscription 19 DKK

Monthly subscription 29 DKK

Call charges 1,29 DKK pr. call

Call charges 0 DKK

Call charges 0 DKK

Verify with MitID No

Verify with MitID Yes

Verify with MitID No

These options are nice and easy, but the only thing to remember is, that with Oister you'll have to verify with MitID. And that is okay, if you are already settle in with CPR-nummer and all of that. But if you have just arrived, Lebara and LycaMobile might be the better option. LycaMobile you can even find in the airport.

Pre-paid Data SIM card

One last and very neat option is Airalo. This amazing app gives you the option of buying eSIMs for wherever you go - and also for Denmark.

You simply have to download the app, make sure you have a smartphone that is compatible for eSIM, and then chose the eSIM you want. For every country there are different packages.

It's an amazing app, very easy to use, and it's a good place to start when arriving in Denmark. You can always download the app, when connected to Wi-Fi lets say in the airport, and then you are good to go.

screenshot of Airalo overview of danish subscriptions


Lebara offers fixed price on all their deal in terms of a SIM card with good coverage.

They currently offer this package with the following reviews:

  1. 100 hours and 100 GB a month for only 99 DKK/month

  2. 4,7 stars on Trustpilot with 4.600+ reviews

You are able to call 60 countries, so there is a great likelihood that you can call or Facetime your mom regularly, for many hours, and at a low cost.

They also offer cheaper packages, though with lower amounts of hours and data. Their current cheapest offer is 5 GB data and 5hours for 19 DKK/month.

But have in mind that they have limited amount of hours you can call to another country. In most of their packages this is limited to 10 hours/month.

You should always have an active subscription on one of their packages. If you don't, your data use will drain your credit fast, and if you are using automatic credit refills on your card, you will pay a lot of unnecessary fees! Thus, pay attention when you set up your subscription!


CBB is also a well-known mobile provider and offers cheap monthly subscription.

CBB is using the TT mobile network, which is Telenor and Telia and covers all of Denmark. Currently CBB offers this affordable package and has the following reviews:

  1. Free call-time and 60 GB for 119 DKK/month

  2. 4.6 stars on Trustpilot with 49.400+ reviews.

This package only costs 19 DKK/month for 2 months when signing up at the moment!

CBB also has special discounts from time to time. The coverage is excellent and they have a high customer satisfaction as well.

Alka Mobil - OUR PICK

Alka Mobil is a fairly new player on the market and new on our list. They keep their selection of subscriptions very simple and very affordable. They have four subscription and in their best offer at the moment you’ll get:

  1. Free call-time and 30GB data for 79 DKK/month

  2. 4,6 stars on Trustpilot based on 1.800+ reviews

Right now, this subscription is part of a campaign where you'll get the package at half price for 3 months - signing up no later than 30/4-2024.

They use Telenor and Telia’s network, which means you’ll get one of the best coverages available on the market.

Alka Mobil 30GB data subscription has also won the Best in Test from Forbrugerrådet Tænk, check it out here.

Call me

Call me has existed since 1997 and is operating with Telia, which is one of the major suppliers in Denmark.

Currently they offer the following deal and have the following reviews:

  1. Free call-time and 20 GB for 99 DKK/month

  2. 4,3 stars on Trustpilot with 24.800+ reviews.

At the moment, all their subscriptions includes free call-time and selected subscriptions are half-price until 1/7-2024. On top of that, you have free access to Podimo Podcast in all of 2024!

They also have special offers for phone accessories, a good customer satisfaction, and generally a good reputation.

girl sitting with her phone


Duka is, together with Alka Mobil, one of the newer players on this market. Their packages are in the medium range priced, but you’ll get good coverage, good amount of data and you’ll get one of the best customer services there is.

At the moment their new campaign includes:

  1. 100GB data (in DK) + 20GB data (in EU) and Free call-time for 119 DKK/month

  2. 4,8 stars on Trustpilot based on 2.300+ reviews.

Right now this package only costs 59 DKK/month until 30/9-2024! t's only for new customers and you'll have to sign up before 7-2024

What’s also worth mentioning is that with dukaTALE you’ll get the same amount of data in AND outside Denmark, and their free call-time is actually free. No matter if you are in Denmark, or any of the EU included countries - you can call across borders as much as you want.


You might know Lycamobile as it is internationally established. Currently they offer this package and have the following reviews:

  1. Free call-time and 100 GB for 99 DKK/month

  2. 3,3 stars on Trustpilot with 1.200+ reviews

In some of their deals they even offer 10%-30% off for the first few months.

This is a decent deal considering that you can call +50 countries as well.

They have acceptable customer satisfaction. However, bear in mind that most of the negative reviews are from pre-paid SIM cards and people who are complaining about customer support.


Oister is very well known in Denmark and has existed for many years.

They are using the 3 mobile network, which is a more expensive option. Nevertheless, their offers are quite affordable and they have a good score on Trustpilot:

  1. Free call-time and 50 GB data for 99 DKK/Month

  2. 4.0 stars on Trustpilot based on 23.000+ reviews

Oister regularly has special discounts, excellent coverage and high customer satisfaction.

Currently you'll get this subscription for 29 DKK/month the first 2 months

What is a bit different with Oister, is that they can also offer you unlimited call-time and unlimited data for only 179 DKK/month. It is quite high for a phone subscription plan, but in case you do not haveWi-Fi at home, this could be a great option on how to save money. Just use your hotspot and you don't have to pay 300 DKK monthly for the internet!


AlkaMobil is our top recommendation to you. They keep everything simple, they offer great service, a good product and their existing customers are very happy about what they get. They have a subscription that suits more or less everyone, and at very affordable prices.

It's also worth mentioning that Lebara seems like quite a good option when you are looking for the very cheapest SIM card in Denmark, that can also bring you value in the long term. However, their plans do not come with 5G connectivity, but only 4G. This means that the internet is significantly slower and less stable.

But it is also important to mention that Lebara's coverage is not working in Slovakia and Czech Republic. In that case, you might want to pick out another option, from our list.

We hope that the above options helped you a bit when choosing a new phone service provider here in Denmark.

NB: some information might be outdated. We do our best to keep everything up to date!

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