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Oct 14, 2019

Best and Cheapest SIM Cards in Denmark

We understand the frustration of having no phone signal when you just land in Denmark. We are here to help you make a decision regarding what phone subscription would fit you and your budget. That's why we have picked out the most popular packages for the cheapest prices and listed the customer review scores.

Lucky are the ones whose roaming actually works when landing on Danish soil! But with or without roaming, you are going to live in this country for quite a while now, so the decision to exchange your SIM card is inevitable. 

Fear not, in this blog we will go through some of the best deals on buying a new SIM card in Denmark.


Oister is very well known in Denmark and has existed for many years.

They are using the same network as 3 mobile, which is a more expensive option. Nevertheless, their offers are quite affordable and they have a good score on Trustpilot:  

  • Unlimited  hours talk-time and 40 GB data for 99 DKK/Month
  • An even cheaper option: unlimited hours and 10 GB data for 79 DKK/month
  • 4,3 stars on Trustpilot based on 18.000+ reviews

Oister regularly has special discounts, excellent coverage and high customer satisfaction.


CBB is also a well-known mobile provider and offers a cheap monthly subscription.

CBB is using the mobile network of Telenor, which is another major brand in Denmark that offers more expensive mobile subscription. Currently CBB offers this affordable package and has the following reviews: 

  • 10 hours talk-time and 40 GB for 99 DKK/month
  • 4.6 stars on Trustpilot with 25.000+ reviews.

CBB also has special discounts from time to time. The coverage is excellent and they have a high customer satisfaction as well.

Call me

Call me has existed since 1997 and is operating with Telia, which is one of the major suppliers in Denmark.

Currently they offer the following deal and have the following reviews:

  • 10 hours and 50 GB for 99 DKK/month
  • 3,8 stars on Trustpilot with 17.000+ reviews.

They also have  special offers for phone accessories, a high customer satisfaction,  and generally a good reputation.


You might know Lycamobile as it is internationally established. Currently they offer this package and have the following reviews:

  • 10 hours and 200 GB for 99 DKK/month
  • 3,8  stars on Trustpilot with 800+ reviews

In some of their deals they even offer 10%-30% off for the first few months.

This is a decent deal considering that you can call +50 countries as well.

They have acceptable customer satisfaction. However, bear in mind that most of the negative reviews are from pre-paid SIM cards and people who are complaining about customer support.

Lebara - OUR PICK!

Lebara offers a very sweet deal in terms of a SIM card with good coverage.

They currently offer this package with the following reviews:

  • 100 hours and 100 GB a month for only 99 DKK/month
  • 4,4 stars on Trustpilot with 1000+ reviews

You are able to call 60 countries, so there is a great likelihood that you can call or Facetime your mom regularly, for many hours, and at a low cost.

They also offer cheaper packages, though with lower amounts of hours and data. Their current cheapest offer is 2 GB data and 2 hours for 20 DKK/month.

You should always have an active subscription on one of their packages. If you don't, your data use will drain your credit fast, and if you are using automatic credit refills on your card, you will pay a lot of unnecessary fees! Thus, pay attention when you set up your subscription!

Lebara is without a doubt the option with the best value for money, for internationals staying in Denmark during their studies.

It is, however, important to mention that Lebara's coverage is not working in Slovakia and Czech Republic. In that case, you might want to pick out another option, from our list.


Lebara seems like quite a good option when you are looking for the cheapest SIM card in Denmark, that can also bring you value in the long term.

You can find their SIM cards in most shops and kiosks, and their SIM card packages are among the cheapest in Denmark.

We hope that the above options helped you a bit when choosing a new phone service provider here in Denmark.

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