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I Study Digital Concept Development at Business Academy Aarhus - This is My Story

Girl standing in front of Erhvervsakademi Aarhus sign


Hey, I'm Bianka and I study Digital Concept Development at Business Academy Aarhus. My background is in UX/UI Design, but I currently enjoy being a Graphic Designer. By day, I work at Kanpla, where we digitalise catering. Because no one would ever use paper tickets. By night, I volunteer at EduEra, where we educate and inform youth. Because someone needs to teach them how to pay taxes. Somewhere in between I'm also a nature lover and a coffee hater. If you'd like to chat about anything under the sun, feel free to drop me a message

How did you find out about your program?

I studied at BAAA Multimedia Design AP so learning about DiCon Top Up came in a package of learning about the academy. However, how I first got to know about BAAA was through a Slovak Agency Scandinavian Study which helps high-schoolers prepare their documents when applying to a university. I checked their offers and partnerships and our academy was one of them. I specifically chose it because of the Multimedia Design AP.



Would you recommend your program to others interested in this field? (name what is particularly good/useful)

I wouldn’t recommend it for students interested only in design, but rather for those who would like to gain general knowledge about ideations within businesses. Digital Concept Development is a little different than Multimedia Design AP. Here we learn about Business, Marketing and Estimations other than just UX and UI Design. Many students from AP chose to continue on Top Up only because they want to finish and have a Bachelor, however, not all like it since it’s less creative than the AP.



Is your uni a place to hang out? Or you are going there just to study.

I personally like hanging out in school, but usually, all students are busy with their studies and work, so it’s not so common.

We usually hang out in smaller groups while we’re having some group projects.


Do you live in a dorm? How much do you pay? 

I do and I pay 2984 DKK per month including water, electricity, heating and internet.


How are you travelling to your university?

By foot since I live 5 minutes away from the academy.

Girl standing in front of Erhvervsakademi Aarhus sign


Are there good places for drinking/eating in the surroundings?

Burger Concept is a very cheap option which is around 10 minutes away from school and much better than any fast food chain since they use real meat. Next to it there is also an Asian Restaurant which has a very cheap Too Good To Go option where you can take anything from their buffet for 50 DKK. Other than that, there are not that many places where I live, but many are in the center. My favourite ones are Street Food, I always go to the Indian Place there. Kowloon Restaurant with Asian Cuisine, Berlin Doner Kebab, Shawarma King and Frankie’s Pizza. There is many places with good bagels as well.

For drinking and clubbing, I would recommend Willi’s and Grace which both have great deals during happy hours. GBar and Institute for X are the best places for dancing (GBar is more of 00s, Institute for X is more of an art center with different genres, but mostly DJs and Techno).


What is one thing you love about your city?

Young people since there is many students and many events connected to art. It’s a little harder to find those events, but once you get into checking FB regularly, you can find them.



What is one thing you love about Denmark?

I think here in Denmark, students are very privileged. We have education for free and if we work enough hours per week, we even receive SU. Most people in other countries don’t have these opportunities. They need to get loans to go to university and their schools are usually every day, so they don’t have much time to even work. Often they need to rely on their parents’ support.

In Denmark, everyone is very independent and it opens the door to many possibilities, for example focusing on yourself, having hobbies or even travelling. 


Girl standing in front of Erhvervsakademi Aarhus sign

How often do you get to travel home and how do you usually travel?

I always travel for any holidays- Christmas, Easter and Summer. I always fly by plane. Other than that I often travel to other countries during weekends or any time I have free from school and work.

Last year, for example, I have been on 13 trips in 9 countries.


How fast were you able to find a job?

I came to Denmark in August 2021 and found my first job in the end of September. It was a housekeeping job in a hotel, where I stood for about a year. After that, I found a job through my internship in my field and have been working there since then.

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