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Finding Support Abroad: A Guide to Expats' Mental Well-being in Denmark

Person reaching for other persons hand, to help with too many thoughts

I guess more or less everyone can relate to the feeling of being lonely, or having too many thoughts but no one to really talk to about it.

And then on top of that, coming to a new country, where you most likely don't know many people, if any - that can be really tough! And even though a lot of other internationals are in the same shoes, it can still be difficult and overwhelming to make friendships.

But you don't need to fall into despair! There are great options for having someone to talk to, if you have a hard time getting to know your fellow peers. In this blog we dwell into some of the amazing options you have, some free some not, but all of them are striving to help you!


Headspace is organisation build on volunteers, who help people who just need someone to talk to. It's not like going and talk to a psychologist - no these people are people just like you, and you can come to them with what ever you have on your mind. Many of them are probably gonna be same age as you, some might be older or younger.

What is great about this organisation is that it is free if you are between age 12-25. They have 28 physical centers all over Denmark where you can go and socialise, but if you don't feel comfortable meeting people in person, they have a chat function or, of course, a phone option.

It's fully up to you what you want to talk to them about, and nothing is too big or too small a thing - they are there for you and what you need.

Even though this is a Danish organisation, it is also open for internationals, and a lot of internationals are already making use of their services. Their website is in Danish, but the translation from Google is good enough for you to make out who they are and what they can do for you.

So if you feel a bit lonely, and have a hard time making connections with people, don't hesitate to look into what Headspace can do for you.

Headspace - nogen at tale med - logo


Studenterrådgivningen or the Student Counselling Service you can find on the actual campuses and universities across Denmark. This is very convenient when when you'll most likely spend a lot of time on there. You can find out who and where they are here.

They offer free social and psychological aid to students who are enrolled in a SU-approved further/higher education. They will be able to talk to and help you with everything from psychological issues to more practical concerns about SU, illness and/or maternity leave.

They can also help you with study techniques, nerves when going to exams, if you have doubts about your studies and much more.

Is your university not on the SRG list?

If SRG is not represented at your university - don't panic. Your university might just have its own sort of counselling. Many of the universities are doing this themselves. Ask your tutors or professors - they will most likely know who to turn to. logo


Another great option, which you can make use of no matter where in the world you are, is BetterHelp. If you don't know about BetterHelp and is interested in a more one-on-one therapy style, then this section of our blog might be something for you.

BetterHelp is the worlds largest therapy platform and is 100% online. They focus on helping people change the way they approach their mental health, so they can tackle life's challenges. BetterHelp has over 30.000 licensed therapists in their network, stretch out across the world.

BetterHelp is a paid service platform, where you will pay for 4 weeks at a time, with prices typically between 50€-70€ pr. week. The price varies depending on your location, preferences and therapists availability. But included in this price is free messaging with your therapist and you can freely use the option of either live-chat, phone call or video chat - as long as this is booked before hand.

What's also great about this platform is that you will be match with a therapist that suits your need. Different therapists have different approaches and areas of focus, so BetterHelp really tries to find the best match for your exact needs. And you can always change therapist if you don't think the match is good or if you needs/goals changes.

BetterHelp logo

So if you are feeling down, lonely or just overwhelmed by everything happening round you in a foreign country - just breathe in, clear you mind and look up some of the amazing options to have someone to talk to about all of it.

And I can almost guarantee you - you are not alone!

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