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I Study Multimedia Design at Business Academy Aarhus - This is My Story

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Hey! My name is Susan and I'm pursuing a degree in Multimedia Design at Business Academy Aarhus. Apart from studying, I work as a student assistant at our Quality of Life office, where I help organize various activities and events for students.

I have a background in photography and graphic design. Whenever I'm not busy working on pictures or designing something in Illustrator or Figma, you can find me either reading or taking care of my beloved collection of plants.


How did you find out about your program?

I looked for graphic design and multimedia programs in Denmark. BAAA was one of the results. The curriculum spoke to me and my goals. And after attending a pre-application webinar, I knew it was a place for me.


Would you recommend your program to others interested in this field? (name what is particularly good/useful)

Certainly! Our program focuses a lot on learning through hands-on experience. Most of our projects are based on real cases for existing companies. Moreover, at least once per semester, you have the opportunity to attend a masterclass hosted by one of the school allamnies.

It’s a great opportunity to learn from the professionals, see how the knowledge can be applied in the real world and visit potential internship companies.


Is your uni a place to hang out? Or you are going there just to study.

In our first semester, we spent a lot of time with my classmates on the school grounds. We enjoyed movie evenings, the Grand Friday Bar, meals together, and group study sessions during the exam period. However, now that everyone is busy with their internships, the school feels less occupied.


Do you live in a dorm? How much do you pay? 

When living at my first dorm, I paid around 3,000 DKK/month for a room with a private bathroom. I had a shared kitchen with 15 other students. Now I moved to a student housing with much more privacy. But, of course, it came with a price increase. For 2 rooms with a kitchen and a bathroom, I’m paying around 4,800 DKK monthly.


How are you traveling to your university?

By foot! It’s just a 10 min walk.


Are there good places for drinking/eating in the surroundings?

My old dormitory has a bar on its premises. It’s as good as the people who hang out there. So if you go there with a group of friends, you’re in for a good time! They host a lot of theme parties/evenings. My favourite one so far has been the Halloween party, but the karaoke evenings attract quite a crowd. Our school has a bar too. It’s called Basement Bar and I bet you can guess where you can find it. Although you won't hear English there that often (the place is very popular among Danish students), everyone is welcome to join the party.


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What is one thing you love about your city?

I love how alive Aarhus feels. There's no way you can get bored here. Especially during the warmer months, when parks are filled with people, with the wind carrying their cheerful conversations, cafes smelling of coffee and kanelsnegle. If you prefer more quiet activities, visit one of the multiple art galleries and museums or go for a walk in the forests of south Aarhus.

There’s always something going on, you just have to how to find it.


What is one thing you love about Denmark?

I don’t think I‘ve been here for long enough to answer this question. I admire Denmark’s dedication to culture. I’d love to be able to understand it fully one day and not only rely on English subtitles. I like its people. Natives and ex-pats. I like the weather and the weather small talk - well most of the time. The cold and the rain make you appreciate the sun like nothing else. But don’t ask anyone about the wind. You’re in for a wild and profanity-decorated rant.


How often do you get to travel home and how do you usually travel?

I only travel home during the Christmas holidays. There used to be a direct flight from Aarhus Airport to Warsaw-Modlin Airport, but unfortunately it was cancelled. It has become increasingly difficult and expensive to fly to the Polish capital from Denmark.


How fast were you able to find a job?

I struggled a lot to find employment at the beginning. To make matters worse, my first job here was horrible. It was a restaurant job. The work environment was toxic and we were constantly bullied and belittled by the manager's wife. I quit after less than 4 weeks. Within a month I found another job though. At some point, I worked 2 - for my school as a Student Assistant and as a cleaning lady at an office space.

If there’s one piece of advice I can give to anyone - network, talk to people, make friends, attend events in the industry of your choice. That’s how I got all my jobs and landed a Content and Visualization internship at a SAAS company.

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