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Last week in Denmark - Week 9

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One more week has passed in Denmark. But what exactly unfolded?

We've delved into the week's events, and in this blog, you'll discover the most significant occurrences.


Politicians wants to change the street name where the Russian Embassy is placed in Copenhagen

A local politician is pushing to change the street name where the Russian Embassy is located in Copenhagen.

The politician in Copenhagen aims to rename the street housing the Russian Embassy from Kristianiagade to Aleksej Navalnyjs Gade, intending to 'provoke' Russia, as stated by the local politician here

Russian embassy with ukranien flags in front

Photo: Liselotte Sabroe/Ritzau Scanpix

Danish political leader Søren Pape has passed away.

One of the weekend's major stories is the passing of Søren Pape, the political leader of Det Konservative Folkeparti.

Suffering a brain haemorrhage on Friday, March 1st, during a board meeting in Vejen, he was transported to the University Hospital in Odense but couldn't be saved.

He was considered one of the most trustworthy candidates for the position of prime minister according to an opinion poll conducted by Megafon-måling in 2022.


Danish Coffee Festival

From March 1st to 3rd, Valby, Copenhagen hosted the Danish Coffee Festival, a significant event for coffee enthusiasts and coffee lovers.

The resurgence of the traditional filterkaffe, or filter coffee, has captured attention, offering diverse flavors and joy, especially through slow brewing. It's not what your mum or grandma would serve you, and you would politely sip it.

Learn more about the festival and the coffee comeback in this article

he festival was organized by the Speciality Coffee Association Denmark, and you can view a video and gather more information here

Barista coffee machine brewing coffee

It's officially spring on the calendar.

Friday in week 9, was the first day of March - official spring!

Longer days, birds singing, and spring flowers blossoming everywhere indicate the change of season, bringing renewed energy.

Crocus, snowdrops, daffodils, and other flowers will soon adorn the fields, signalling the arrival of spring.

purple crocus flowers

Crocus. – . Photo: Bax Lindhardt/Ritzau Scanpix.


Formula 1

The Formula 1 season commenced with the first race in Bahrain on March 2nd.

Practice and qualifying sessions held on Thursday and Friday provided insights into team performances, with RB - former AlphaTauri, Mercedes, and Ferrari showcasing top form, with Red Bull further down the orders in all practices. So it was very interesting to come into qualifying and to see who would take pole.

Red Bull's Max Verstappen secured pole position, followed by Ferrari's Charles Leclerc and Mercedes' George Russell.

On race day Verstappen continued his dominance, taking the victory in the first race of 2024, accompanied by his teammate Sergio Perez and Ferrari's Carlos Sainz on the podium.

Mercedes faced pace struggles, while Leclerc encountered car issues throughout the race, altering the battle for second and third positions.

Catch the highlights of the race weekend here.

Formula 1 race with redbull car in front

Photo: Zak Mauger / Motorsport Images


LeBron James achieves a remarkable milestone as the first-ever in the NBA.

On Saturday, American time, he surpassed 40,000 points, becoming the first in NBA history to do so. Despite being the oldest player, James maintains an exceptionally high level of play. During the game where he reached the milestone, he scored 26 points, exceeding the required 9 points.

Movies and entertainment



"Spaceman" is a new movie on Netflix following an astronaut on a solo-mission. He deals with the solitary and loneliness that comes with it, and has a hard time, until a creature joins him on his journey.

This movie is a beautiful tale of a mans battle with loneliness, and development of an uncommon friendship. My favourite part of this movie is without a doubt the spider Hanus. The spider comes from a distant universe and stumbles upon the astronaut and find it fascination how the human mind works.

Face of an astronaut and a giant spider ind the background

American Conspiracy : The Octopus Murders

For true crime enthusiasts, "American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders" on Netflix unfolds over four episodes, tracing a journalist's investigation into the death and work of another journalist in the early '90s.

The series reveals a web of powerful people entangled in conspiracies. Watch it to uncover more

I don't want to say more than this, you'll have to watch it!

Lines and dots connected to form an octopus

Make sure to stay tuned next Monday for all the stuff happening in week 10 in Denmark.

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