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Last week in Denmark - week 10

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Welcome to our weekly blog for international students in Denmark! Stay updated with the latest news and happenings around the globe, along with some insights into Danish culture and lifestyle.

Week 10 was profoundly influenced by a lot of things happening out in the world, and here is some of the top stories.

Sweden is officially a part of NATO

It's been a long road for Sweden to finally call themselves a part of NATO. But March the 7th was a historic day.

It's almost 2 years since both Finland and Sweden applied to be accepted in NATO, as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Finland, though, was already accepted in April of last year, but it wasn't until now there's been unanimous voting.

The American Minister of Foreign Affairs calls this moment historical and says that the Western World now stands even stronger and more united.

Picture of Swedens prime minister and the american Minister of Foreign Affairs

Photo: © JESS RAPFOGEL, Associated Press

Lufthansa strike

Lufthansa, Germany's largest airline, faces a series of strikes from various unions, including ground staff and cabin crews. The strikes have led to cancellations and disruptions at major airports like Frankfurt and Munich, affecting thousands of passengers and causing widespread travel chaos.

Unions such as Verdi and UFO are demanding better pay and working conditions for their members, citing Lufthansa's strong financial performance in 2023. Staff grievances, including low wages and long hours, have fuelled the strikes, with demands ranging from pay raises to compensation for pandemic-related concessions.

The strikes aren't limited to airlines; they've also affected public transport across Germany. Train services, security checkpoints, and local public transit have all faced disruptions. The strikes come at a challenging time for the German economy, with concerns over a potential recession as the country grapples with high energy prices and weak demand for goods.

These ongoing labor disputes underscore broader tensions between workers and management in Germany, posing significant challenges for travellers and raising concerns about the country's economic outlook.

picture of 4 Lufthansa planes lined up next to each other

Photo: Lando Hass/Ritzau Scanpix.

The monkey is back

Marius, a 7-year-old capuchin monkey, escaped during the storm Rolf in February and has been missing since then. The staff at Odsherred Zoo Rescue has tirelessly searched for him.

After weeks of pursuit, Mads Schrøder Nielsen spotted Marius near his car and promptly alerted the authorities. His quick action led to Marius's eventual capture.

Marius is now safely back at Odsherred Zoo Rescue, thanks to the collaborative effort of concerned citizens and zoo staff. The monkey is in good health and will soon rejoin his group after a thorough check-up by a veterinarian.

Danish astronaut completes his ISS mission

Andreas Mogensen handed over command of the International Space Station (ISS) to his successor, Oleg Kononenko, concluding his six-month tenure. Mogensen, part of Crew 7, anticipates returning to Earth with his crew on Monday, aiming for a Tuesday landing off Florida's coast.

Reflecting on his time in space, Mogensen emphasised both challenges and triumphs, describing the experience as "the adventure of a lifetime"

Picture of 4 astronauts waving

Photo: Joel Kowsky/Ritzau Scanpix

A touch of Spring

For the coming week, we might get a little touch of spring!

There is no actual rule of when it is spring, temperature wise, but in Denmark we say that from 15 degrees, it's really spring.

And the coming week - week 11, we might just reach that!

So grab a coffee, find a place in the sun and enjoy!

Overview of the danish weather coming up in week 11. Higher temperatures

Foto: TV 2 Vejret

Oscars 2024

Yesterday, Sunday March the 10th, the Oscar Award took in place in the U.S.

It's been a long run of awards shows cumulating in yesterdays show.

The Favourite

The big favourite was 'Oppenheimer', nominated for 13 awards, and it took home 7! Among other category wins was Actor in Leading Role, Best Director, Actor in Supporting Role and Best Picture.

Lots of Oscar statues lines up


The Documentary

Another win to notice is the one of Best Documentary Feature Film. Here it was the Ukrainian documentary '20 Days in Mariupol'. The Ukrainian Associated Press Journalist and Film-maker Mstyslav Chernov spent 20 days in Mariupol during the siege 2022, when Russia took the city. He filmed and documented the horrors that unfolded.

He made a memorable speech which you can see right here

The Record Breaking

Worth mentioning is also the win of Billie Eilish.

She won for Best Original Song with 'What was I made for?'

This win makes her the youngest double Oscar Winner of all time! She won her first Oscar back in 2022 when she sang 'No Time to Die' from the last James Bond movie with Daniel Craig.

You can see her performance below.

The Fun

There were also some fun moments at the awards show, among other things Ryan Goslings sublime performance of his nominated song 'I'm Just Ken' and John Cenas appearance when presenting the nominees for Best Costume Design.

You can find Ryan Goslings performance here and John Cenas here. Below you'll find a little gem of culminated fun rivalry between 'Oppenheimer' actress Emily Blunt and 'Barbie' actor Ryan Gosling

Stay tuned for next week!

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