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7 Apps to Install for Easy Public Transportation in Denmark

Updated: Jan 22

7 Apps to Install for Easy Public Transportation in Denmark

You have arrived to Denmark and may already have been to your first class as an exchange student.

But now you are ready to explore Denmark and you might want to visit some of the awesome places in this beautiful country, but how will you get around on a student budget?

We will give you an insight on how to get around Denmark on a student budget!

Here we go!

1. Rejseplanen:

This app is vital to install as we have mentioned before!

You can enter your destination and your current location and the app will give you information on what buses and trains to take, when they departure and how much it will cost to reach your destination.

The app shows you the route in detail and you can see the pricing whether you use Rejsekort or purchase a single-ticket.

At some routes you can actually purchase the ticket directly from the app, which makes it super easy!

2. DSB:

This app is useful for larger train routes in Denmark administrated by DSB.

It is easy to buy a ticket directly from the app and you can get the ticket and pay directly on your phone. DSB is running the larger and major routes connecting the bigger cities and areas across Denmark. However train ticket is rather expensive and we would recommend busses that is usually much cheaper.

If you need to take the train for whatever reason, you can for instance look for Orange billetter, which usually offers cheaper tickets during off-peak hours. Furthermore, students between 16-25 can get 25% off all tickets.

Be ware that this will require you to have a phone with an online connection and a charged battery during the entire journey.

3. Midttrafik

This app is only relevant for you, if you are located in the central part of Jutland. In here you can buy tickets for buses and trains administrated by Midttrafik directly on the app, and works similar to DSB.

Again, it can be pricy and alternatives such as GoMore or buses might be worth to check if you are on a budget.

4. Flixbus:

You probably already know about Flixbus, however these are worth to mention as they offer some of cheapest tickets to get around in Denmark by bus, especially for the longer distances.

For instance, you can take a bus from Aarhus - Copenhagen for 99 DKK, while a train DSB train ticket will start at 399 DKK. for the same trip.

You can buy the ticket directly in-app, so definitely an easy and cheap way of traveling!

Bonus: you can buy bus tickets to Germany and rest of Europe at a low price as well.

5. Kombardo expressen

This app is similar to Flixbus, but are different in that they have routes that combine a bus and a ferry ride.

We can especially recommend it for trips from Aarhus – Copenhagen, as a ride on the ferry makes the travel a lot more comfortable.

Tickets are also from 99 DKK, so definitely a worth try! Tickets can be bought directly through the app as well, and you can take some luggage with you for free.

6. GoMore

If you really love to socialize with Danish people (or be out of your comfort zone), then GoMore is absolutely for you!

GoMore is a platform where private people can post their car trips (like a car pool) and you can join the ride for a small fee.

This way of travel is awesome as it makes people to socialize much more and gives you a unique chance to talk with native Danish people.

You can pay directly in-app, so definitely an easy and cheap way of travel. Prices varies a lot as the price is set by the chauffeur.

7. Taxi apps

Unfortunately, Uber is not available in Denmark because of legislation protecting cab drivers regulation.

But if you need a ride, there are several options.

If you ever need a ride in the Copenhagen area Taxa 4x35 currently have a good app that works very similar to Uber.

Additionally, Moove is also recommendable app for Taxi rides. In both apps, you can choose a journey with a fixed price. In general driving with taxa is quite expensive, so it is not that student friendly as other places in Europe.

We hope that this provided you guys with a little insight on the options for public transportation in Denmark, however, comment down below if you have questions or tips to share with other students.

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