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How to choose student accomodation in Horsens, Denmark?

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

student accomodation in Horsens

You are about to study in the city of Horsens in Denmark. The city alone has around 60 000 citizens, making Horsens the 8th biggest city in Denmark. Despite its smaller size, Horsens is home to a large number of international students, thanks to VIA University College. With the current economic development of the city, many companies set their offices right here. Especially electronics and graphical companies.

Even though Horsens isn't small by any means, it is not Copenhagen. Anybody who expects a pulsing nightlife any day of the week will be disappointed. But those, whole enjoy their uninterrupted sleep will be more than happy, because aside from the few streets in the city center, Horsens is a peaceful city.

This local guide is a quick tour to the student apartments you can find at Horsens. Congratulations! Now, there are countless legal things you will need to take care of, but before you start, the priority should be finding a place to live.

Of course, there are multiple choices to choose from, however, coming to Denmark alone is scary enough without handling the apartment search through various websites.

That is why we want to show and tell you everything you need to know about the student accommodation in Horsens. There are two dormitories in Horsens: Kamtjatka and Students Village. And both of them are taken care of by one organization called Drosselbo.

Let's start by knowing the location, the apartments, the social life, comparing the prices, and finally presenting the overall score given to the dormitories by their tenants.



Our first dormitory to tackle is the Kamtjatka, which is located in the city center of Horsens. It is less than 10 minutes from the main pedestrian street in Horsens as well as the main bar/club area on the street of Nørregade.

On the other hand, you might consider getting a bike to get to school because the distance between Kamtjatka and VIA University is around 2,5 kms, which is around 25 - 30 minutes walk and 10 minutes on a bike.

Luckily, Kamtjaka is right on the bus route. If you would take bus number 1, you can reach VIA university in less than 10 minutes. This line is also the one you want to take on the first day of your arrival from the train/bus station. Otherwise, you need to walk 1,5 km with all your suitcases and belongings.

Since Kamtjatka is located in the center, you have multiple supermarkets to choose from such as Lovbjerg, LIDL, Netto, Fakta, and Bilka. You can check them on the map, and each one is within 10 minutes of walking.

Finally, because of its location, it is understandable that Friday nights might get a bit noisy. However, the majority of the bedrooms are facing the inner side of the complex. So, the only people to annoy you are your fellow students.

The individual apartments

Kamtjatka student housing offers different kinds of apartments and all of them have the similar equipment.

Private bedroom

If you plan to live in Kamtjatka, your private room will have a desk with some drawers, an office chair, a bed, an armchair and a big wardrobe for your clothes.

The rest is up to you to furnish. Luckily, there are no rules about additional changes to your apartments, as long as you return them in the same state as you received them.

The individual apartments

The measurements of the bedrooms may differ, but there is always enough space for all the furniture included.

The individual apartments

Even though the Drosselbo would love you to use only their furniture, you can always decorate your room.

Common area/kitchen

Same as it is in the case of the bedrooms, the kitchens might differ in size from apartment to apartment, but what is inside remains the same.

You will have all the cutlery, plates, glasses, casseroles, pans and more, although they are rarely brand new. Aside from all the small things, the kitchen always contains a dining table for all the rentees, same amount of chains, a stove with the oven, and a fridge with a freezer. Aside from that, there are shelves and drawers, where you store your food.

The individual apartments

The kitchen on the photo is one of the smallest ones in Kamtjatka. Most of the apartments are more spacey.

The individual apartments

In Denmark, we like to recycle a lot. On the door, you can see a short guide on how to recycle right.


The last room of the apartment is the bathroom, which serves as both a toilet and a bathroom. Even here you can find a storage space for your toiletries and hygiene products.

The apartments don't include their own washing machines. All tenants share a couple of washing machines. They are located in one of the buildings within the complex, and one washing or drying cost is DKK 10 that is paid from your laundry card.

The individual apartments
The individual apartments

Laundry room used by all the tenants in Kamtjatka. One washing or drying uses 10DKK from your laundry card.

Social life

It isn't unusual that dormitories contain more than just apartments, and Kamtjatka is no exception. Within its walls, you can find a small gym, gaming room, and student bar called Valhalla.

Thanks to the location of Kamtjakta, you can reach multiple bars and cafes within 10 minutes. And not only those, but there are also 2 sports centers within 15 min from the dormitory.

If you would follow the same route as to the train station, you will find yourself in the beautiful Bygholm park. Within 20 minutes on foot, you can reach the beautiful Langelinieanlægget, the green beach of Horsens.

Social life

Gaming room (currently closed due to COVID-19). It contains a couple of PS4, one table tennis table, and two foosball tables.


As mentioned before, Kamtjatka offers multiple apartments that differ by the number of private bedrooms and also with the hight of the rent and deposit.

At the moment, Kamtjatka offers apartments with three, two, or one private bedrooms.

3 private bedrooms

  1. Rent + energies = 3 667 kr.

  2. Deposit + starter pack = 6 604 kr.

2 private bedrooms

  1. Rent + energies = 3 669 kr.

  2. Deposit + starter pack = 6 588 kr.

1 private bedroom

  1. Rent + energies = 3 797 kr.

  2. Deposit + starter pack = 6 844 kr.

The starter pack is the bag containing your brand new pillow, blanket, and bed sheet. The price of the starter pack is always DKK 650.

If you wish to find more about this location or want to signup yourself up, fill your application on this webpage.

Student Village


Contrary to the Kamtjatka, Student Village is located on the edge of Horsens behind the VIA University College. Therefore, it might take you a maximum of 5 minutes to reach your classroom.

On the other hand, the city center is quite far. If you would walk, it will take you at least 30 - 35 minutes to reach the bar/club area on the street of Nørregade. And it is even further to the train station. The distance is almost 4 km, so get used to relying on the bicycle.

Luckily, there is a bus station right next to the VIA University. Here you can get on bus 1 or 2, which will take you to the train station through the city center.

Even though you are on the edge of the city, you have plenty of supermarkets around you as Rema 1000, LIDL, Aldi, and Fakta are all within 10 minutes radius.

Living further away from the city center sure has its disadvantages, but on the other hand, the neighborhood is quite calm, so you can relax without too many distractions.

Even though Horsens isn't small by any means, it is not Copenhagen. Anybody who expects a pulsing nightlife any day of the week will be disappointed. But those, whole enjoy their uninterrupted sleep will be more than happy, because aside from the few streets in the city center, Horsens is a peaceful city.

Individual apartments

When it comes to the apartments in the Student Village, they are all the same and same same facilities. Every apartment consists of 2 private bedrooms, a kitchen combined with the living room, and a bathroom. Therefore, you will have pretty big space to live and study as well as have a common room.

Private bedrooms

When it comes to the furniture in the bedrooms, there is little difference from Kamtjatka. You can expect a bed, a desk with some drawers, an office chair, and a big wardrobe.

Private bedrooms

All the rooms bedrooms in Student Village should be identical. The only difference are windows, which come in various sizes and shapes.

Kitchen with living room

Once again, you can expect all the basic cutlery, plates, pans, and casseroles. You can also expect other basics such as stove, oven, fridge, freezer, and dining table with chairs.

There is one thing Student Village stands out for which is the living room area with a small coffee table and couch.

Private bedrooms

There are no balconies in Student Village, but every apartment has these windows/doors, which allows you to look around.

Private bedrooms

The biggest difference from Kamtjatka is that every apartment in Student Village comes with its own sofa.


The bathrooms are all the same and consist of the shower, toilet, and sink with the mirror. Although you also have a heated floor. Yes, you hear correctly, if you would touch the floor with the bearskin, you can feel a warmth coming from it.

However, in this student accommodation you do not get a private washing machine. Same as in Kamtjatka, you need to use the common washing machines, and dryers. Using the machine for one round will cost you DKK 10 from your laundry card.


You may not see it, but the floor is heated.


The laundry room works on the same system as in Kamtjatka. One washing/drying is 10DKK.

Social life

Since Student Village is located at the end of the city, living here might seem a bit lonely, but there are ways to keep yourself entertained.

As you live next to the university, you can spend your time in various clubs around the school, have a cup of coffee in the Student Cafe, or join the Student Sport.

Moreover, you also live closer to the sea. In less than 20 minutes you can reach the green beach of Horsens (Langelinieanlægget) or even take a trip to the sandy beach at Husodde Strand. It will take you at least 30 minutes, but there is no other better place in Horsens for swimming in the sea.


There are 186 apartments and they are identical, therefore their prices are also the same. You can only live in the 2 bedroom apartment. Though at least you don't have to envy your neighbor.

2 private bedrooms

  1. Rent + Energies = 4 067 kr.

  2. Deposit + starter pack = 7 384 kr.

Same as in Kamtjatka, you need to pay DKK 650 for the starter pack, to receive your pillow, blanket, and bed sheet.

If you wish to find more or sign yourself up, you can fill your application on this webpage.

Teknisk Kollegium


Similarly to the Student Village, Teknisk Kollegium is located right next to the VIA University College. Therefore, you can reach your class in less than 5 minutes.

One the other hand, you are far from the city center. If you would wish to visit some shops around the pedestrian street or get some coffee, you will have to walk for more than 3 km . And 4 kms to reach the main train station.

Because of that, getting yourself a bike can prove very efficient. Although, you can always opt using public transportation. There is a bus stop right in front of Teknisk. The buses 1 and 2 will take you all the way to the train station while crossing the city center.

Again. even though you are living at the edge of the city, you don't have to worry about groceries. Within 10 minutes radius, you can find supermarkets such as Rema 1000, LIDL, Fakta, and Aldi.

Since you live so far from the center, the location is peaceful and with very less distractions. You shouldn't have any trouble falling asleep, even on a Friday night. You can get only disturbed by your neighbors. You are more than 30 min from rush of the nightlife.

Individual apartments and other facilities

The Teknisk Kollegium consists of 7 blocks (A - G), each block has many apartments.The area of apartments differ in measures, but have same structure as they are all divided into 4 groups:

  1. 1 bedroom apartment

  2. 1,5 bedroom apartment

  3. 2 bedroom apartment

  4. 2,5 bedroom apartment

Despite the differences within the individual apartments, they all come unfurnished, so it is up to you on how you want to furnish and decorate your apartment.

There are no washing machines in the apartments, so the tenants have to use the common washing machines. Although, this time, the washing and drying are included in the rent.

In case you decide to own a bike or your own vehicle, there are multiple bicycle stands and many great parking spots. They are all dedicated only to the tenants of Teknisk Kollegium.

Individual apartments and other facilities

These are the photos from the small one-person apartment in Teknisk. The kitchen is connected to the living room and also the bedroom.

Individual apartments and other facilities

All the apartments in Teknisk come completely empty, so it is up to you to furnish them. Also, you got to love those windows.

Individual apartments and other facilities

You are expected to leave the apartment empty when you leave. But until then... decorate however you want.

Individual apartments and other facilities

Not big, but adequate for one person

Individual apartments and other facilities

Same as in Kamtjatka and Student Village, even Teknisk has its own laundry room. You don't pay for each time you wanna do laundry, but you are limited by the number of washing.

Social life

Similarly to the Student Village, Teknisk might seem a little bit lonely. But, that is not the case.

You can take advantage of all the various clubs and organizations within VIA University, or you can always go outside to explore the serene places.

If you would go down south for a 1,5 kms you will reach the green beach of Horsens (Langelinieanlægget), or you can go even further, to reach the Husodde Strand, the only sandy beach in Horsens. The journey will take you around 25 - 30 minutes and trust us, it will be worth it!

Also, you can go on the other side to reach Forum Horsens, which is a football station with a swimming pool right next to it. The trip will take you around 25 minutes though.


As mentioned before, there are multiple kinds of apartments in Teknisk. Because of this, we can offer you only the price range you should remember. If you wish to take a closer look, you can browse through their webpage. You can find there a small drawing of each apartment, so you can get an idea of what to expect.

1 room apartment

  1. Rent + energies = 2 600 - 3 200 kr.

  2. Deposit = 11 000 - 12 000 kr.

1,5 room apartment

  1. Rent + energies = 3 600 kr.

  2. Deposit = 13 700 kr.

2 room apartment

  1. Rent + energies = 3 900 - 4 400 kr.

  2. Deposit = 14 000 - 17 000 kr.

2,5 room apartment

  1. Rent + energies = 5 100 kr.

  2. Deposit = 19 500 kr.

For more information or application, you can go visit this webpage.

With this, we hope that you have received enough information to understand and evaluate the location according to your needs and budget. And we understand that one of the major concerns during this search that goes without saying is Budget! And in case you are a EU/EEA student, there a small good news as you can receive student housing benefits that can reduce your rent payments. The amount is not that significant but it is definitely noticeable!

When it comes to the individual search for the accommodation, it is always better to search sooner rather than later. However, even though Teknisk has a waiting list and other smaller places can prove to be quite challenging to get into, Kamtjatka and Student Village are never 100% full. So, if everything fails, you can get a place there.

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