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I Study Global Business Engineering at VIA University College in Aarhus - This Is My Story

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Study Global Business Engineering

How did you find out about your program?

I found out about the program from VIA´s website, I was considering multiple options back then, but after careful consideration, I chose to study Global Business Engineering.

Would you recommend Global Business Engineering to others, interested in this field?

I would recommend this program to people who are interested in both technical and economical aspects and cannot decide which path to take. During 4,5 full Bachelor's degree studies you will gain knowledge in Software Engineering/Mechanical Engineering as well as in Economy, Management, and Communication. You have the opportunity to take an internship abroad for a year. The teachers are specialists, trained engineers with experiences within the field and always encouraging and helpful

Did the program live up to your expectations?

This is only my first semester, so it´s hard to tell what will the future bring, but for now, I am happy with my choice. I am struggling with the amount of group work that VIA requires as I wasn't used to it back home, but dealing with people is part of the business and work-life, so it´s better to start sooner than later.

Is your uni place to hang out? Or you are going there just to study.

Due to COVID 19 regulations, students cannot go to campuses if they don´t have scheduled classes that day, so all the social activities don´t exist anymore or are restricted to a certain amount of people. But after the pandemic is over, there are plenty of activities and places for us to go to and hang out.

Is your uni place to hang out

Do you live in a dorm? How much do you pay?

I live in a dorm called Skjoldhøj Kollegiet, which is located in Brabrand (Aarhus). My rent is around 2 700 DKK, but it is 30 minutes bus ride from my dorm to VIA, so it can add up to 3 100 DKK in total.

Do you feel like you're getting a good deal at the place where you stay?

I live with 11 people, we all have our bedrooms and bathrooms and share a kitchen and common areas. The price is good, but the transportation part sucks.

How are you traveling to your university?

I have been biking to and from school but the weather in Denmark is not helping and I am not sure how long will I be able to bike before the winter hits. The morning traffic sucks so I advise all of you to wear a helmet and drive safely, as I already had one accident in the morning. Another option is taking a bus, but it is not the cheapest way of traveling.

Are there good places for drinking/eating in the surroundings?

There is a private bar for all the residents in dormitories which is around 600 people, where you can volunteer and get free drinks on your shift and have a discount when you are off. The prices and low as the bar is run by student volunteers who do that as their hobby and for fun. There is a local shop in the area as well, but I prefer to cook at home.

What is one thing you love about your city?

Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark, but it still keeps its small-town charm and peacefulness. I haven't seen a city like this before, there is something „hygge" about it.

What is one thing you love about Denmark?

People feel safe and protected here. They are not in a hurry, they enjoy social activities and gatherings. In Denmark, you have the time and motivation to start various hobbies and projects as it is so common and popular here.

Are you attending danish classes? If so, how are they?

I am starting my classes soon so I don't have any information yet but I will keep you informed.

Are you attending danish classes

Do you feel involved in your community? Are you a member of any association?

As I live with so many people we spent a lot of time together, we have common dinners, pancakes on Sunday morning. There is always someone to talk to or to procrastinate with. In the area you can join various clubs from Brewer's club to Youth parties, you can volunteer...

What do you feel is your biggest struggle these days?

Time management - to manage school, work, and social life. There are so many things that you need to do and arrange when you are a first-semester student, but once you get settled it will be easier (I hope).

What was your budget and did you manage to stick to it?

My budget was around 1 000 € per month and I think that was realistic because I managed to stick to it. But I advise people to save as much as they can before coming to Denmark as everything is expensive from food, travel to transportation and entertainment.

What was your budget

How often do you get to travel home and how do you usually travel?

I haven't travel a home since I have moved here but I will fly.

How fast were you able to find a job?

I found a job after a month but I was lucky my classmates are still looking. If you are hard-working and not picky you can always find something.

Do you think you will stay in Denmark after university and what will be the deciding factors?

I will stay abroad after university and I will see if it's gonna be Denmark or a different country. I have 5 years of studies beforehand so everything is possible.

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