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Oct 20, 2019

How To Make The Most Out Of Grocery Shopping in Denmark

You just arrived in Denmark, the fridge is empty and you need to fill it up? We give you an overview of Danish supermarkets and tell you where to buy your groceries to get value for your money!

Coming to a new country is an exciting experience, but where do you buy affordable detergent, food and snacks?

In this blog, we will give you an insight into the Danish supermarkets and recommend the go-to supermarkets when living in Denmark.


The cheapest ones!

Rema 1000

Just recently Rema 1000 was researched as being the cheapest supermarket in Denmark.

Their range covers the most that students need both food and non-food.

Rema 1000 is often located near residential area with approx. 328 stores, it should be easy to find one close to you.

We definitely love Rema 1000 and can recommend this discount supermarket for daily needs.

  • The cheapest supermarket, reviewed by Politiken
  • 328 stores in Denmark
  • Are very common in city area


You probably know Lidl already as they exist in many European countries.

In the research from Politiken, mentioned above, Lidl scored as the second cheapest supermarket in Denmark.

The range is often good and they have practical things such as clothes and tools as well.

There is 110 Lidl's in Denmark, so they are not as common as Rema 1000 and they are usually located a bit outside the city.

  • The second cheapest supermarket
  • Has 110 stores
  • Are usually located a bit outside of the city


This supermarket is common in Denmark, and there is a great likelihood that there is one located around the corner with approx. 358 shops.

It is the cheap supermarket in the coop family (Kvickly/Superbrugsen) which is known throughout scandinavia.

Fakta was, according to Politiken, the third cheapest supermarket in Denmark, so you can shop there freely, without pinching every penny.

Their range is similar to Rema 1000, small, but with most necessary everyday products.

  • The third cheapest supermarket
  • Has 358 shops.
  • Are located in most

The largest ones!


Bilka have by far one of the biggest supermarkets in Denmark, so big that they called themselves hypermarket!

If you are missing anything to your fridge or apartment then Bilka will have it for sure! The range is extremely wide, going from daily groceries to furniture, clothes, bikes, sports equipment, electronics you name it.

There is 18 Bilka's in Denmark and with that range of products, it might be worth to visit as there is a good chance they have something that the other supermarkets don't. They are usually located a bit far from the city as it is one of those places you go to stock up on EVERYTHING!

  • One of the biggest supermarket in Denmark
  • Large inventory
  • Has 18 shops
  • Are usually located a bit far from the city


This supermarket is also relatively big and have a good range and variety of goods.

With 70+ stores they are usually located in the bigger cities a bit outside the city as well.

In here you can get thing from daily groceries to plates, knives and forks, smaller electronics, textiles etc.

  • Good range and variety of goods
  • 70+ shops
  • Are located a bit outside the city


With 100 shops, Føtex is also one if the significant supermarkets that have a larger range of goods.

Despite being one of the bigger supermarkets they were ranked as the 5th cheapest supermarket in Denmark, so it is worth a visit if the cheaper and smaller supermarkets don't have everything you need.

Føtex is usually located near the city and also sometimes a bit out of the city.

  • Ranked as 5th cheapest supermarket
  • Fairly big with a large range of products
  • 100 shops.
  • Located near the city and a bit out of the city.


Which shop is your favorite in Denmark and why?

Let us know in the comments!

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