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Emergency Phone Numbers You Need to Know in Denmark

Updated: Jan 22

Sometimes emergencies occur; whether it is a life threatening situation or smaller incidents happen, it's good to know that help is just one call away.

But who do you need to call in different kinds of emergencies and situations?

Here are 5 crucial phone numbers in Denmark that you need to know, depending on your emergency.

112 - The most critical situations

This shouldn’t be too surprising, since you are likely using the same number in your country. 112 is a nation-wide number and you should dial it only in

the most serious cases such as:

  1. Accidents that are life threatening

  2. Reporting serious crimes

  3. Fires that you are unable to put out

  4. Emergencies that require the assistance of the ambulance, fire department or police.

Once you call this number, remain on the spot (unless it is too dangerous) and wait for help.

Usually the operator will ask for your CPR-number, position and description of the emergency.

Only use this number for highly critical emergencies, so you don’t block other callers.

It is always free to call this number!

114 - The smaller police related emergencies

You can call this number if you want to report something that needs the police’s attention.

However, compared to 112, you can use this number on less serious matters such as:

  1. Reporting a crime which doesn’t require immediate attention

  2. You have information which may assist the police

  3. General requests to the police

While 114 is the general number for police related emergencies, the local police often have their own phone numbers. Navigate on the police’s page to find the relevant contact information for your local police station.

It’s important to note that all the calls to 114 and 112 are recorded.

NB: If you dial these numbers from a foreign phone number or from abroad, you need to add the Danish country code (+45) in the front. For example: +45 112 or +45 114.

When you break a leg but still going strong!

In case a (not so serious) accident happens to you or you become ill and you don’t have access to your general practitioner (GP) right away (e.g. outside the working hours), then you can call Lægevagten. The department is available from 16-08 o’clock on weekdays and around the clock on weekends.

Lægevagten can help out with:

  1. Consultation with a nurse or a doctor on the phone.

  2. Referral to the nearest emergency center if needed. (This can take a few hours of waiting at the hospital)

  3. Sending a doctor to your place if necessary.

For students with a yellow card (Danish health insurance card), you can call your GP only on opening hours, usually until 16 o'clock. If you need a doctor after 16 o'clock you have to call Lægevagten, which has 5 different phone numbers, depending on the region you live in. See the phone numbers for each region on their website.

Coronavirus guidance

If you have questions about COVID-19, vaccination, travel, etc., the health authorities have set up a corona hotline.

The general phone number for the corona hotline is +45 70 20 02 33.

However there are also phone numbers for more specific corona related enquiries on the health authority’s page.

When you lose your credit card

Losing your credit card in Denmark is not a life threatening situation, but we would indeed call it an emergency!

Whether it gets stolen or you had simply lost it somewhere the night before (when you were out partying, of course), it is a good idea to report it.

Nets is the one to call if you want your card blocked, and depending on the type of your credit card, you should call the following numbers:

  1. +45 44 89 29 29 - Visa/Dankort and Visa/Dankort Electron

  2. +45 44 89 27 50 - Mastercard, Maestro, Visa and American Express

Alternatively, you can also contact and inform your bank if your card goes missing.

In any case, you can now be sure that no one will abuse your lost credit card.

If you find your card immediately after the incident, you will have to order a new one. This is however quite a hassle, so be sure to have a real good look around

the apartment before calling it in.

1812 - When you see an animal in need.

Let's not forget that our dear furry friends sometimes also need a more serious help, then we might be able to give them.

In this case, you call +45 1812

You can call this number with also any scenario possible, where an animal is in need. It's probably mostly used when animals are hit in traffic, but survives. But you can also call this hotline if you suspect someone of neglecting their animals, if you find baby animals left behind, either by people or abandoned by the animal parent. Cases like seeing a dog in a car with no open window on a hot summer day, or field animals having no access to water also qualifies.

So don't ever hesitate when you think an animal is in need - call +45 1812

These are the main 6 types of emergency numbers that you need to know. If you want to read more about useful tips and tricks in Denmark, then take a look to our other blogs down below.

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