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What is the DR License?

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Everything you need to know about the DR license

There is one thing that connects all people in Denmark.

It doesn’t matter if you just moved here for the studies or if you are seasoned international who already knows all the dangers of living in a foreign country.

Sooner or later, you all will have to deal with DR license.

What is it, you may ask? Keep reading, so we can give you all the important information you need to understand the DR license and making your own opinion on it.

Dr License In Denmark - Should You Pay Or Not?

You might find in your mailbox a letter, that says you owe DR money for a media license. In that case, follow this guide.

What is DR License?

DR license is a media license which was created in order to support Danish public broadcast companies, so they can share objective information for "free", without any commercial interruptions or influence.

The majority of this sum (approx. 67%) goes to DR (Danmarks Radio).

Danmarks Radio is the largest public content creator in Denmark.

Aside from radios (as a name suggest), you see them on television or even in cinemas, since part of the money they receive goes into movie and documentary production.

Should I pay DR License?

As mentioned before, DR publishes a lot of content through multiple channels, such as radio and television.

Therefore, everybody who receives or has an option to receive their content needs to pay for the license.

Basically, if you own a TV or radio, you need to pay. But that is not everything.

As long as you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other devices which allows you to connect to the internet, you are technically able to reach DR’s content.

Because of that, you need to pay. Despite not using any of DR's content or even if you don't understand Danish.

While the media license used to be around 2000 DKK per year before 2020, the fee has been gradually cut down. In 2021 the licence costs only 619 DKK per year. Once you get signed up, you need to pay the fee, with the options to pay annually, monthly or every half a year.

How does DR check if I have a TV or laptop?(Be aware!)

DR employees go from door to door (especially in dormitories) to check if you own a tv, laptop or any other devices that may have internet connection.

In many cases people just assume that they are someone from the internet company or phone company.

But once you tell them that you own a smartphone or any other devices that can access the internet, they will sign you up for the license and you will soon receive an invoice.

They can't legally go through your apartment and you have the right to no let them in. They only need to have a 'clear view of the inside of the apartment'.

Another method that they use is to call you and ask if you own any devices that have internet or radio connection.

Usually they call from a number starting with (+45) 35 but this is not always the case.

Can I avoid paying for DR license?

There are options on how to prevent yourself from being signed up for the DR license.

If you were not signed up right from the beginning, you might just not open the door.

Can I avoid paying for DR license?

DR License has to be paid - if you won't voluntarily, they will collect it from your taxes.

If you are, however, signed up already, you can always unsubscribe yourself on their page.

Nevertheless, it seems like the media license will be soon phased out and in 2022 the license payments will be funded through tax.

How to unsubscribe from DR license?

The law states that if you have no access to the tv, radio, computer, and internet in general, you can be exempt from paying the license.

However, we advise you to be honest about it, but if you don't own such devices, you can always unsubscribe here.


DR license is supposed to be paid by everybody in Denmark, who have access to their radio, can watch TV, or has access to DR content some other way.

Is it moral to charge everybody? Even students who technically have access, but never use it?

We'll let you decide.

Just remember, that, taking advantage of DR without paying, isn't right.

But on the other hand, spending so much money on something you never use because you don't own such devices doesn't seem wise either.

You can share this article with other internationals, that might not know about DR License.

Otherwise, you can read more about the media license on DR’s page in Danish or in English.

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