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6 Videos That Perfectly Describe Denmark And Honestly, They Cannot Be More True

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

I Just Found These 6 Videos

Good time understanding each other?

This comedy bit from Norway depicts how others (and danes themselves) view Danish language. In the skit, man comes to a new town with broken bicycle. He enters a store and he asks for .... something? To which the clerk replies with .... something? Well, it's easier to watch this funny exchange.

Do It For Denmark

Denmarks falling brith rate gave a rise to a new campaign. Men need to find Danish girls more attractive and they need to come back to Denmark, to increase the numbers of population.

Denmark Second!

In times when Trump has been claiming that America should be first, many countries reacted by them being the 'second'. Denmark did the same and it is SO HILARIOUS!

Why are the cookies so dry?

It is not exactly sunny and warm here, is it?

Time for some slang

If you just now moved to Denmark, you could get a taste od local slang by studying this video.

Greenland is not for sale

Last year there was a lot of controversy about Trump, Greenland and Denmark. Greenland was not sold and the relationship is slowly recovering but for few weeks, there was a lot of jokes going around this topic...

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