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Student Survival Talk

Student Survival Talk is a series of workshops where you gain knowledge in personal finance, heatlh and motivation from the best speakers our zero budget can buy.

Upcoming event: Roskilde

After completing this workshop. you will learn why money should not be feared, but rather understood. Most of us go through the college without ever thinking twice about whether we can afford something. We simply assume that if we have enough money on the bank account, we are able to purchase anything—we want.

Most of us treat bank account as a thing that fills up in the beginning of the month, and we get to spend everything in there until the end of it.

And that’s rather easy to do. The hard thing is treating money as a tool, with it being a valuable resource for building your future.

This workshop will give you valuable tips on managing your student budget so that you can comfortably focus on your studies, without needing to take extra shifts in your exam period. You will work out your monthly budget without starving yourself, and you will realise that you actually have more than enough to periodically invest; either in yourself, or other assets.

You will be more comfortable saving up and enjoying life and you will learn basics off investing & where to learn more about financial markets. On top of this, you will meet likeminded people and collaborate on simulation game of budgeting.

You will also understand difference between needs and wants and learn wether you have a spending problem, or earnings problem - an important step towards a world of financial freedom during university.

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Our mission & vision

We are on a mission to provide easily accessible, high quality information to all international students living in Denmark. We have successfully created a strong community of students, willing to share their knowledge with others. We are on a continuous mission to use IT to enable us to communicate even more effectively, and transparently - while at the same time enabling crowdsourced content from our readers. Our vision is to recreate the model of SSG Denmark in all countries of the world, so no matter where you go for your studies, you can find relevant information in one simple platform. We want to facilitate the future of higher education and gather data in places where is was not possible before.

- Michael Mares, Founder & CEO

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