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Oct 29, 2021

We have partnered up with Excelerate!

SSG Community
We have partnered with the thesis matching platform Excelerate! We’re so excited to tell you who they are and why they are a great company to know about.

Excelerate - who?

Excelerate is a platform which allows you to list your preferred thesis topic and then match you with a company in a thesis collaboration – pretty cool, right?

Excelerate is a new Danish startup who launched their platform in October 2020. But, the idea has been well on its way since 2018 where Kaspar Hansen, CEO and founder, realized that too many graduates went unemployed, or worked jobs they were overqualified for, after graduation.

Therefore, it has become Excelerate’s vision to create equal opportunities for all students to do work they are passionate about.

Excelerate's Vision: “Equal opportunity for all students to do work they are passionate about”

At the moment, Excelerate consists of a four-man army who work towards growing and improving the platform day by day. This includes updating the website to make it more user-friendly, speaking with companies who want to join the platform as well as creating content for students who are on their thesis-journey.

Excelerate's Mission: “Through unbiased thesis collaboration matching we connect ambitious students with relevant companies. We believe passionate academics are the future.” 

Why are Excelerate cool to know?

Excelerate is super cool to know if you’re about to write your thesis – whether that be bachelor, candidate or master’s degree. That is because Excelerate lets you be the boss over your own thesis – in other words –you choose your thesis topic, not the company!

Based on your student profile and your thesis topic, Excelerate matches you with a relevant company and then you can start collaborating on your thesis.

A thesis collaboration can give you the opportunity to collect data, conduct interviews etc. which would have been off limits without, making it easier to write a kick-ass thesis!

But what makes Excelerate especially smart for you, as a foreign student in Denmark, is that you get a foot in the door at a Danish company which can help you to experience and learn the Danish working environment. And who knows – they might even offer you a job after a successful thesis collaboration?  


We at Student Survival Guide are happy to have partnered with Excelerate and we’re looking forward to working with them to produce content that is relevant for you, so make sure you check them out!

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