Denisa Emilia Porime


My journey in Denmark started in 2016 and it doesn't seem like it will end soon. Even though I came across certain obstacles (who doesn't ?) I began to feel at home here. What I like the most about life in this country is that you can follow your heart, without being held back by social stigma or judgement. My second favorite thing is meeting people from all over the world and exchanging beliefs, stories, or life's crazy how different we all are from each other, yet we are willing to help one another. This brings me to why I am here: starting as a part-time student ambassador in Business Academy Aarhus opened up the opportunity for me to help others through one of my passions, writing. Joining Student Survival Guide allows me to stay true to this passion and to the intention of supporting other international students in Denmark. I am grateful to be here!‍

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