About Student Survival Guide

What is this project about?

Student Survival Guide is an information platform for all international students in Denmark. These are the people that are working hard behind the scenes to bring you the best information and daily updates.

Our Journey

Student Survival Guide started in August 2019 with Jaro Vyhank and Michael Mares-friends and flatmates- who decided someone should step in and show the international students how life in Denmark really is like.

We felt the need to share the knowledge we've got after years in the country, where many things are more confusing than they need to be.”

As time passed, the project gained a lot of positive attention, with more and more young people either tuning in and engaging with the content or feeling inspired to lend a helping hand.  

The team has grown over time and like minded individuals joined Jaro and Michael. They come from different countries and backgrounds, yet their purpose aligns:

“Help all incoming international students to freely and easily access information that will help them settle in their new life, in an unknown country.
Data Analyst
My name is Jaro and I'm the co-founder of SSG. I study MSc at Aarhus University in International Business Consulting. At SSG, I work with data analysis and reporting.
I'm a hard-working and passionate person whose life mission is to help students all around the world. I'm studying Information Systems Development at Aarhus University and I'm the co-founder of this project.
Photographer & IT Developer
I joined the SSG in the early days. I've created the videos you see on YouTube, but also most of the pictures you see on the website. Right now, I'm also implementing IT into the project, to bring even more information to the public.
My journey in Denmark started in 2016 and it doesn't seem like it will end soon. Even though I came across certain obstacles (who doesn't ?) I began to feel at home here.
Michal Raska
News Correspondent
My name is Michal and I’m from the Czech Republic. I study a bachelor’s degree in International Sales and Marketing Management in Roskilde. I do the news section of SSG.
PR & Community Manager
I've graduated from entrepreneurship and innovation, specialized in behavior design. Collaborations and communications are my jam, so if you have an exciting idea of us doing great things together, reach out to me!
Social Media Manager
Photographer and artistic thinker by heart, focusing on quality and visual appeal. I help SSG reach and maintain their connection and relationship with the students via social channels and email marketing.

Student Survival Guide Community

We are aware how hard it can be to move to and study in a foreign country, especially as a confused young adult, possibly freshly graduated from highschool, thinking that the world is our oyster. Yet, the innocent hopes and dreams of youth can be easily forgotten when reality hits us with questions and problems we have no idea how to tackle.

“What university should I choose? How do I find a place to live, a job...friends? How do I deal with my taxes? Am I even welcome in this country?“

We are here to remind international students in Denmark: you are not alone and you don’t need to deal with everything just by yourself.

We are here to answer your questions and help you settle in as fast as possible, so you can keep pursuing those hopes and dreams!

The SSG community consists of contributing writers sharing their own experiences as international students in Denmark. Reach out and get your story shared!

In the SSG community you can find relevant information about the student life in Denmark, presented in fun and engaging  ways. We cover aspects of all stages of your journey here-from the moment you consider studying abroad to life after graduation.

Our ambition is to provide all students in the world with a one-stop platform, where they can receive the latest and most accurate information about studies in other countries.

Our mission & vision

We are on a mission to provide easily accessible, high quality information to all international students living in Denmark. We have successfully created a strong community of students, willing to share their knowledge with others. We are on a continuous mission to use IT to enable us to communicate even more effectively, and transparently - while at the same time enabling crowdsourced content from our readers. Our vision is to recreate the model of SSG Denmark in all countries of the world, so no matter where you go for your studies, you can find relevant information in one simple platform. We want to facilitate the future of higher education and gather data in places where is was not possible before.

- Michael Mares, Founder & CEO

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