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About Us! 

Who are we?

You might have watched us through our videos on Facebook and Youtube, but who are these silly guys behind Student Survival Guide you might ask? We are actually just 4 ordinary guys Jaros Vyhnak, Radim Theiner, Michael Mares and Tan Tran that all have different background based on 3 different nationalities, 3 different educational backgrounds and 4 different sets of skill.

But we have one thing in common, we have all been a student in Denmark and one guy is still in classes! (poor Radim). Our goal is to bring valuable information to students and hopefully help students navigate through the Danish student life through fun and exciting content. If you are more curious, please contact us directly, we would love to hear from you personally!

Michael Mares, Radim Theiner, Tan Tran and Jaros Vyhnak from Student Survival Guide
(Michael Mares, Radim Theiner, Tan Tran and Jaro Vyhnak)

Our Journey

It is actually a bit of a funny story how we got started. Jaros and Michael decided after 4 years in Denmark studying in Via University Horsens that it was time to give back! The idea was to bring valuable information to students that just arrived or was planning to study in Horsens through a Youtube series about the city, which started at August 2019. The projects gained a lot of positive attention and attracted both Radim and Tan, which later joined the team to contribute with video production and an entrepreneurial mindset. Despite not knowing each other beforehand, we set up an ambitious goal, to create the best community for students delivering highly relevant content while having fun in the progress!

Fast forward, we quickly utilize all our different skills to make Student Survival guide better! Jaros that were good at analytics and writing, Michael that was the technical marketing guru, Radim the world class photographer imported from Czech and Tan that had experience in business quickly sat down on a rainy day at the beginning of October and figured what we wanted to do to reach our goal. One important thing was that we wanted to have fun in the whole process! 

We wanted to create the best student community and have fun in the whole process!

Before we knew it, we had started something that was going fast with no point of return! Just 2 weeks after the initial meeting we got this website up and running and are planning to do much more funny content that delivers highly informative content for students in Denmark. If you want to stay updated and see our newest contents, then follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, you won't regret it! 

Say hi to us! 

We would really love to hear from you, if you have suggestions on what we need to cover, to make the student life a better. You can contact us directly through the button below, or just simply send us a direct message through messenger and Facebook and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are waiting! :) 

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